Effortlessly navigate your Firebase data with Clio AI's advanced semantic search, fostering cross-app collaboration for a seamless and unified app development experience.
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Firebase, a robust app development platform, seamlessly collaborates with Clio AI to enhance data management. Clio AI optimizes the organization of Firebase data and attachments, ensuring rapid and thorough searches. Emphasizing cross-app functionality, this integration facilitates a unified approach to data retrieval across firestore, realtime db, analytics, and storage

Clio AI maximizes its integration with Firebase by leveraging its API for efficient data indexing. This collaboration operates under a read-only permission model, prioritizing data security. Notably, Clio AI enables cross-app usage within Firebase, breaking down data silos and promoting a cohesive experience across different parts of the system.

  • Efficient Retrieval: Enhanced semantic search capabilities in Firebase with Clio AI ensure quick and accurate retrieval of relevant information. This efficiency minimizes the time spent searching for data, allowing users to focus on their tasks and workflows.
  • Task-Driven Workflow: Users can seamlessly create tasks or mark specific data for follow-up after a search. This task-driven approach ensures that actions are directly tied to the retrieved information, optimizing workflows and task management.
  • Cross-App Collaboration: Clio AI facilitates cross-application search within Firebase, enabling users to explore and find information across different parts of the system. This feature fosters collaboration by breaking down data silos and promoting a comprehensive view of information.

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Extensible Integrations

Powerful self-serve API helps you extend your integrations to internal products, website knowledge base, and others.

Internal Data Sources

Add custom internal data sources into Clio AI, and you can use our API to index them, and enable periodic sync.

Native Plugins

For prominent use cases, we build native plugins to index data on a consistent basis. You can request them via email or account manager

Data from websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge - internal websites, dashboards, tableau, or main website, and we will index that too.

Custom API endpoint

Using Clio's APIs, you can also build integrations into your favorite apps, and enable one app to sync, query, and show results. (eg: for Slack, Gmail, or Hubspot)

Clio AI integrates with 300+ business apps

Search across all apps at once, or just bring content from app to another. Clio AI maximizes your productivity by making it easy to find content across apps.

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