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About Clio AI

What is Clio AI?

Clio AI is an enterprise search tool enabling companies and organizations to automate their internal workflows and unlock latent productivity in their company. We train Generative AI models on company datasets to build a smart assistant which has the right context about tasks, users, and workflows to deliver the right output.

How does it work?

We feed your datasets to our proprietary data pipeline and centralization tool. Using that data, we do primarily three things depending on the amount of data: we create a RAG pipeline (retrieval) using existing embedding models, we train an embedding model for your data for faster and more accurate retrieval (OAI embeds and retrieval from a db takes 2-3 secs, ours will take 100ms), or we train a custom model for you. Finetuning is done regardless because every model needs to be taught about the right pattern of answers.

Explain to me in simple terms. What does Clio AI do?

Clio AI is an enterprise search service for your company. Just like how Google indexes the web, and you can find what you are looking for in minutes, Clio AI indexes and organizes information at your company, so that employees do not have to spend hours looking for context, or pinging/interrupting their colleagues. They can unblock themselves quickly and spend more time doing actual work.

Okay, so how is my organization's information/knowledge organized? Are you just another knowledge base company?

Clio AI connects through all your apps, documents, reports, and conversations to understand your business, your priorities and what your employees need when they begin their search. We connect with over 300+ apps with periodic syncs as fast as 5 min intervals, practice robust controls and data governance at team and individual levels, and overall deliver a vastly superior experience.
Clio AI is like a digital brain for your company. It encompasses knowledge, augments it with institutional memory, and supports every employee to automate repetitive tasks, and make their work faster.


How is it different from an API call to Open AI's models with added context?

Your problems are unique, your model should be too. We usually train custom embedding or llm models that can surface the right information and address your internal use cases directly instead of heavy prompt engineering which results in a frustrating experience. If you like the vanilla version, we can provide that too by building a knowledge graph on top of your enterprise's knowledge, providing more relevant context for accurate responses.

Who is Clio AI for?

Clio AI is primarily useful for fast growing startups who need information at their fingertips. We also fit well with large enterprises looking to maintain and improve the information flow at their companies. Our suite of products is vast and covers almost all companies with > 50 employees

1. We offer a basic enterprise search product that you can just plug and play with zero developer bandwidth.
2. We offer a custom deployment module that can do everything around search and automation with an open source model like Llama-2, Mixtral
3. We offer finetuning on existing models, and even an RLHF pipeline to improve the products in the longer term.
4. We offer options of training a new model on your own data (large datasets) which is truly customized for your organization

In layman terms, how is Clio AI different from other companies making an Open AI API call and displaying the result?

There is a lot of processing that happens pre and post API call. Most companies differ on how they handle it. For us, we look at the data size to give you a personalized and most effective solution. Eg: in some cases we have trained a customized embedding model because existing RAG pipelines and customizations weren't giving them results.

Can I deploy this on my own premises or VPC?

That is the only option we offer as of now. We think your data is safest when it is in your company cloud or premises. We deploy Clio AI on your own servers, with the level of customization you like - be it an open source model, a custom model, or using Azure/Chatgpt APIs.

Why can't I try out the product directly?

You can try out individual features on our demo website. Time to value is literally minutes. You can find multiple generic use cases and try them out individually. We don't always allow for a demo for entire product because the use cases are very specific for every company and we think your time is better spent solving business problems that trying to get the data pipeline tool to work - something that is needed for Clio AI to work and deliver value (the first data sync takes time). Happy to show you how it works and can spin off a quick instance for critical usecases very quickly.

I use Retool for all our internal tooling. Do you offer apps for that?

Yeah, we integrate with everything. Retool uses an api call under the hood, and we will deliver an app for you fairly quickly using retool that you can share among your teammates to get a quick feedback.

What is the pricing? You don't offer any information on that either.

Pricing depends on how much data you want us to index. We only bill customers based on usage, so to offer an upfront number would be misleading. We also tend to look at our infrastructure investments to support a customer. If you want to deploy on your own premises, the price would be considerably lower. At a rough ballpark, for about 1M tokens, we charge $99/month/user.

Can I get a free trial?

We offer the first month free if you commit to an annual plan. For individual use cases, you can try out our products on the demo website. This would help you gain insights on the capabilities and use cases.

Do you offer API Access?

Yes. Our main product is the API. We offer REST APIs and event streaming that you can integrate into your tools. In the initial days, if you like a specific tool, we will build an extension for that too wherever possible.


How do you prevent data leaks?

We do not store any customer data. We ask you for access to data sources, and all data is stored in your own data warehouse - you can choose either Snowflake, Google Big Query, or AWS Redshift. This acts as a source of truth for Clio AI, we use this for our deployments, but all data is stored in your own servers that you have permanent access to.

Do you offer role based data privacy?

Role based data privacy or data governance is crucial to any enterprise. Clio AI offers data governance based on individual, team based, and company based groups. We respect the permissions from the original source so all the existing permissions are carried directly. We also integrate with multiple ACLs and have SSO enabled so IT admins can control access on the fly.

Contact Us

How can I contact you?

You can reach out to us on email or use the contact form directly here. We are very responsive and would respond within a few hours depending on the timezone.

I don't want to book a demo, just ask a few questions. Would that be alright?

Yes, that would be fine. You can directly email us with any questions, ask for more information, ask for our sales decks, anything. We understand if you do not want to look at the demo, though seeing the product in action would give you a better idea on the capabilities.

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