Clio AI is trained on your business data to answer both qualitative and quantitative questions.

Semantically Search across all your documents, business apps, discussions to locate what you need instantly.

Find the action items from 15000 signals per day

An avg Supply chain team receives 15000 signals per day. Stay on top of supply chain processes with What if scenarios, triangulation of information from multiple sources, and finding the right action items amongst all the information chaos with reports from everywhere. More agile movement, with more robust processes.

Accelerated Supplier and Vendor Management

With Clio AI, supply chain and procurement teams can efficiently manage supplier profiles, contracts, and performance data, enabling streamlined collaboration, informed decision-making, and strategic supplier partnerships.

Intelligent Spend Analysis

Clio AI's advanced search capabilities and data analytics tools enable teams to analyze spend patterns, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize procurement strategies, with improved financial outcomes.

Enhanced Risk Management

Clio AI provides real-time access to supplier compliance data, regulatory information, and risk assessment frameworks, empowering supply chain professionals to proactively identify and address potential risks.
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"With semantic search, BCG employees were able to retrieve and summarize information that was previously buried in long lists of multi-page documents"
- Boston Consulting Group1

1More details here
AI powered search and summarization can boost employee satisfaction by > 40%.
Increase in work completion
Increase in result relevancy

Helping you focus on the strategic tasks

With Clio AI, you can stay on top of multiple reports and updates from everywhere - sales teams, plant teams, procurement, inventory levels and so on - and make informed decisions as Clio surfaces the exact information you need when you need it.

Procurement Managers

Streamline procurement processes and maximize cost savings. Clio AI equips procurement managers with intelligent search capabilities, contract management tools, and spend analysis functionalities, enabling them to optimize supplier relationships, negotiate better terms, and reduce procurement costs.
AI decide which data is important

Category/Brand Managers

Optimize profitability by strategically managing product categories. With Clio AI, category managers gain real-time insights into market trends, supplier capabilities, and cost dynamics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimize product assortments, pricing strategies, and promotional activities, ultimately driving revenue growth.
Use custom models fit

Operations Directors

Enhance operational agility and decision-making. Clio AI provides operations directors with a unified view of supply chain and procurement data, enabling them to monitor key metrics, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize processes, reduce lead times, and enhance overall operational performance.
Access output everywhere

Morgan Stanley on AI Powered Search

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management deployed their own model harnessing the knowledge and insights, housed across many internal sites, mainly in PDF format. They used GPT4 and OpenAI to do it. Some select quotes from the story. Full article here
“You essentially have the knowledge of the most knowledgeable person in Wealth Management—instantly. Think of it as having our Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Global Economist, Global Equities Strategist, and every other analyst around the globe on call for every advisor, every day. We believe that is a transformative capability for our company.”
Jeff McMillan, Head of Analytics, Data & Innovation
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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"Key to ensuring good client service is our ability to invest at scale in technology. (OpenAI) is empowering Morgan Stanley with the marriage of human advice and technology—something to which we are completely committed. This endeavor has been particularly rewarding. The buy-in and engagement across the organization has been impressive."
Jeff McMillan, Head of Analytics, Data & Innovation
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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"Today, more than 200 employees are querying the system on a daily basis and providing feedback. The focus will always be on getting advisors the insight they need, in the format they need, instantly. The effort will also further enrich the relationship between Morgan Stanley advisors and their clients by enabling them to assist more people more quickly."
Jeff McMillan
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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Workplace Search that actually works

Supercharge your company's productivity by harnessing the massive reservoir of untapped data and insights.
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Works with your most used tools

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 300 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.
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Private, Secure and Compliant by design

Clio AI is built on foundations of keeping you company data private, secure, and compliant from day one. Built by an experienced team, we understand the constraints and enforce them rigorously

Private Cloud Deployment

We can deploy models on your premises or your private cloud directly. That is, not even a single byte of data is shared with a third party.

Encrypted Models

All the models we deploy and APIs we expose are SHA256 encrypted (like WhatsApp/Signal) making any back and forth of data as secure as possible

SSO + Admin Controls

Authenticating with your company Sign on gives rigorous controls on who can access what data.

Indexing Controls

Clio can build individual or team specific knowledge graphs. You control what data is indexed and available for which team. Right out of the box.

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