Securely govern your data

Enterprise grade data security, customer-centric data governance, and on prem deployments
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Clio AI integrates with your SAML/SSO, follows Zero Trust Security, and offers granular governance controls.

Control access, indexing, privilege on the fly with audit logging and on premise/VPC deployments.

Empowering you with unprecedented control

At Clio AI, we believe in giving our customers more than just a product. We provide an unparalleled level of control that empowers you to safeguard your data and ensure compliance. Your trust is our priority

On-Premises / VPC Deployment

Your Environment, Your Rules: Choose to deploy Clio AI on-premises or within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Enjoy full control over your data environment while harnessing the power of AI.

Granular Data Governance

Fine-Tuned Data Management: Define and enforce data governance policies at a granular level. Tailor file level access and permissions to meet your specific needs, ensuring security and compliance

Data Lineage and Auditability

Traceability for Peace of Mind: Gain insights into the journey of your data with robust data lineage and auditability features. Keep a clear record of data changes, enhancing transparency and accountability
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Choice of AI model

We can train and deploy an open source language model for you connecting with your data warehouse so that no data ever leaves your premises. Get the same service your would get with ChatGPT - APIs, observability, etc. - with any model of your choice.

Why Clio AI?

Unlock the most obvious-yet-hidden-in-plain-sight growth hack - enable your employees to work on important things, and reduce their cognitive load and time to resolve blockers.

Fast, efficient, and in-context information to make every employee a super performer.

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