Simplify financial tracking by integrating Stripe with Clio AI for enhanced transaction analysis, combine transactions with sales and marketing data etc.
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Stripe is a powerful payment processing platform designed for online businesses and e-commerce. Integrating with Clio AI, it transforms financial data into actionable insights, making it easier to understand customer behavior and cash flow by triangulating it with marketing campaigns and ecommerce data. This combination elevates the functionality of Stripe by enabling semantic search within transactions, customer data, and payment history. Data governance is upheld as permissions are maintained according to the original access settings, ensuring secure and compliant data handling.

The integration between Stripe and Clio AI is smooth and efficient, often facilitated through a native connection or via push API with regular syncs. This synergy allows for the utilization of Stripe's financial data across different functions, enhancing cross-departmental workflows. Indexing of transactional information is done in near real-time, which means that the semantic search capabilities of Clio AI can provide immediate and relevant insights. Users benefit from the ability to quickly sift through extensive financial data to find exactly what they are looking for, be it for auditing, customer service, or strategic decision-making.

  • Streamlined financial data analysis with Clio AI's semantic search capabilities.
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration due to accessible and indexed Stripe data.
  • Real-time insights into customer payment behaviors and trends.
  • Maintained data security with integrated permission settings.

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Extensible Integrations

Powerful self-serve API helps you extend your integrations to internal products, website knowledge base, and others.

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Add custom internal data sources into Clio AI, and you can use our API to index them, and enable periodic sync.

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For prominent use cases, we build native plugins to index data on a consistent basis. You can request them via email or account manager

Data from websites

Connect other sources of company knowledge - internal websites, dashboards, tableau, or main website, and we will index that too.

Custom API endpoint

Using Clio's APIs, you can also build integrations into your favorite apps, and enable one app to sync, query, and show results. (eg: for Slack, Gmail, or Hubspot)

Clio AI integrates with 300+ business apps

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