ChatGPT with the knowledge of your business data

Clio AI trains a knowledge model on your business data - combining the power of LLMs and your organizational knowledge to create the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.
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Generates AI responses anchored in your business context to deliver accurate, relevant, and useful responses.

Extract from 300+ data sources, train privately, and use it anywhere

Make sense of your organizational knowledge

Clio doesn't just supercharge individual productivity. It creates a powerful knowledge model for your organization collating your business data from everywhere, instantly making those insights available to everyone in your company.
Clio AI model schematic

Focus on the essentials with the only AI solution that you can plug in directly

An extensible and customizable AI solution which integrates seamlessly with everything, and grows with you, as your business, tools, and use grow.

Let the AI decide which data is important

We use open source libraries of pre built data pipelines and connections which collect data from every tool you use for your business and use it to train the knowledge model.
The AI surfaces the right context at the right time for every employee
AI decide which data is important

Use custom ML models on top of knowledge base

We enable teams to integrate their own models and algos into Clio AI unlocking even more value out of your business data.
Use custom models fit

Access the output in every app you use

Clio AI provides an API end point which you can integrate into any number of your internal tools directly, along with our whole library of plugins like Wordpress, Webflow, Slack, and so on.
Access output everywhere

Build your knowledge model right away

Supercharge your company's productivity by harnessing the massive reservoir of untapped data and insights.
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Simple enough that it just works, without taking up time or resources

Getting started with Clio is simple for all kinds of teams. We abstract the complexity so that process is fast, simple, and efficient for you. No technical, data science resources or bandwidth needed.

Reduce the overheads for resources and maintenance

With Clio taking care of complexity, you get more optimized prompts, better outputs on a fine tuned model, and saving you valuable time and resources on building and maintaining data pipelines.
Reduced costs with AI

Get the AI model hosted wherever you need it to be

We value privacy as much as you do. We support hosting in your cloud, or on-prem infra, so that your data and secrets never leave the premises.
AI model hosting

Architected to protect individual and team data

Encrypted data pipelines, multi level tenancy and data security across users and teams. Compatible with SSO support, Zero trust Networks, and comes with enterprise grade support.
Architected to protect team and individal data

Harnessing Collective Knowledge

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management deployed their own model harnessing the knowledge and insights, housed across many internal sites, mainly in PDF format. They used GPT4 and OpenAI to do it. Some select quotes from the story. Full article here
“You essentially have the knowledge of the most knowledgeable person in Wealth Management—instantly. Think of it as having our Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Global Economist, Global Equities Strategist, and every other analyst around the globe on call for every advisor, every day. We believe that is a transformative capability for our company.”
Jeff McMillan, Head of Analytics, Data & Innovation
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
company logo
"Key to ensuring good client service is our ability to invest at scale in technology. (OpenAI) is empowering Morgan Stanley with the marriage of human advice and technology—something to which we are completely committed. This endeavor has been particularly rewarding. The buy-in and engagement across the organization has been impressive."
Jeff McMillan, Head of Analytics, Data & Innovation
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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"Today, more than 200 employees are querying the system on a daily basis and providing feedback. The focus will always be on getting advisors the insight they need, in the format they need, instantly. The effort will also further enrich the relationship between Morgan Stanley advisors and their clients by enabling them to assist more people more quickly."
Jeff McMillan
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
company logo

Build your own knowledge model like Morgan Stanley

Clio AI enables you to harness the powers of your own business data, and build your own knowledge model, with lower resources and double quick time.
Get a demo to find out how.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Clio works with you every step of the way to enable free flow of knowledge across the organization.

Have more questions?

You can connect with us on email. Just send your queries to and we would respond as quickly as possible.
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What do you do exactly? In simple terms

AI Powered LLMs are trained on large but limited corpus of data. We connect LLMs to your business data in a secure, compliant and privacy preserving way.
This way the answers it generates are anchored in your business knowledge - content across all your apps - and are combined with working context - eg: in a client meeting - and deliver accurate, contextual, and relevant responses.

How does it work exactly?

We bring in content from all tools your employees use, train a model to build a unique knowledge graph on top of that, and then use that knowledge graph combined with GPT4 (or other requested LLMs) to deliver more accurate, contextual, and relevant responses.

What apps can it work with?

It works with all kinds of apps. Your Google Docs or Office docs, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Notion, PDFs, Postgres, our pipelines can extract data from anywhere (with your permission) and then use it to train the knowledge model.

I keep reading knowledge model or knowledge graph. Exactly what is it?

Just like GPT is trained on corpus of publicly available data which enables it to deliver useful responses, your knowledge model is like a company-specific GPT trained on your org's data. More vertical, more proprietary, and private data. With knowledge graph, the data never leaves your organization, and can capture the collective knowledge that ChatGPT/GPT4 does not have context about.

Can I deploy it on my own private cloud servers or premises?

Yes, we enable deployment on your own premises. This can further reduce the costs and ensure that your data and secrets literally do not leave your premises. You can just tell us your preferences while getting a demo if you would prefer a private cloud or on premise deployment.

How much is the pricing?

Given the range of services we offer, it's hard to quote an exact price before understanding the requirements. If you are curious, we can talk about it when we give you a demo. You should sign up for one.

Is the model trained only at the start?

No. The model is continuously trained as and when your team creates more documents. We fetch data at fixed intervals and use that to train the model continuously so that it gives accurate responses at all times.

Can I have a knowledge model for an individual/team as well along with whole org?

Clio AI is capable of training separate models for individuals and teams as well. We see the need and understand how some data has to be kept accessible to certain teams. We will be happy to assist you if you need this kind of tenancy.

Can it integrate with all my existing apps?

Yes, our output is an API endpoint which you can use to send data and receive responses. We provide a chat app on top of that. If you need to integrate specific apps, you can do so easily via the same endpoint.